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This P&G commercial
showing moms supporting their children
in their quests for Olympic gold,

was forwarded to me
by writers,
not by athletes,
not by people interested in the Olympics.


Because mothers supporting children
in their dreams
is pretty much universal.
Many people relate to it.
Many people can apply
these same feelings
of gratitude and love
to their own situations.

This commercial is timely
(the Olympics).
It sneaks in the footage
of moms using the product
(doing laundry).
It reinforces that P&G
is a global company.
It features an unlikely hero
everyone can cheer for,
a hero who is the main product purchaser
(the moms).

Best of all,
it taps into a universal truth.
This is brilliant marketing
and it contains marketing lessons
we can apply to our small businesses.

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