By k | April 1, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Some of my writing and entrepreneur buddies
scoffed at the people
buying tickets for the 640 million dollar
Mega Millions lottery jackpot.
The odds of winning were so low.

I stayed silent
because I know many of those writers
are planning their careers around
“winning” a place on the bestseller lists,
the equivalent of the publishing lottery.
They won’t publish their books
unless the publisher has proven
they can land books on the lists.

Some of the entrepreneurs
are planning their business success
around “winning” a place on Walmart shelves
or “winning” celebrity endorsement.
They ignore smaller vendors
and other slower avenues to success.

Dreaming of the big win is fun.
Keeping those dreams viable
by writing a great book
or designing the product to be Walmart friendly
is smart.

Hinging all of your success,
on these wins,
is risky.

Consider expanding your plan
to include slower routes
to success.

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