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Trust is a valuable commodity
these days
and one of the best ways
to create trust
is to do what is best,
rather than what may be best for you.

The late Kate Duffy
is known in the romance writing world
as being one of the best editors
who have ever worked
in the business.

Writers trusted her.
One of the reasons
was because she was honest.

She once phoned up
G.A. Aiken
and suggested she get an agent.
Agents complicate negotiations.
They often push back on
points an editor’s employer,
the publisher,
It is not in the publisher’s best interest
for writers to have agents.

G.A. Aiken shares
“…I’ll never forget what she said to me:
“Look, at this point,
I could really take advantage of you.”
Which I loved,
because it was so damn honest.”

THAT is why the best in the business
wanted to work with Kate Duffy.
THAT is why writers still talk about her
with awe and admiration
and wistfulness.

Do what is best.
Not merely what is best
for you.

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