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We all strive to be perfect.
None of us are.
And frankly,
perfect people are annoying.
They aren’t real.
They’re fake.

In today’s media environment,
fake is NOT an image
any brand wishes to have.
No one trusts a fake brand.

So what do you do
when you make a mistake?
You own up to it
and you try to make it right.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone

“I think vulnerability is essential.
For so long,
companies and brands thought
they needed to seem bulletproof.
I think when a brand uses Twitter,
they’re able to communicate
when they make a mistake.
I think when you do things like that
you reveal you’re open and honest
and willing to change
and admit to your mistakes.
I think brands are using it
to really build trust with consumers.”

Mistakes are not a bad thing.
How you DEAL with the mistake,
is important.

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