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I’m not sure why
some people are so secretive
about their techniques for success.

If a person REALLY wants to follow
in your footsteps,
your techniques will usually be easy to figure out
once you’ve had a few successes.

However those people are VERY rare.
Even if you wrote a book,
giving people a step by step outline
of how you were successful,
almost no one would follow that outline.
(unless it was damn easy)

three writers separately asked me
how to increase sales.

I shared with each writer
what my editors shared with me.
The best way to increase sales
in romance
is to write books in a series.

Yep, that was my easy advice.
Set two books in the same town
give the hero in the first book a brother
and make the brother the hero of the second book
write two vampire books.

All three writers gave me reasons
why they couldn’t write
books in a series.
(none of their reasons
made any damn sense to me)

Of course,
keep top secret projects secret
and don’t blab information
you don’t want utilized.

But don’t be paranoid either.

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