By k | February 24, 2012 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

One of the favorite things
for writers to worry about
is piracy,
baddies copying their e-Books
and reselling them.

The issue is…
publishers could fix this ‘problem’
They have the technology to do this.

They don’t want to.
It isn’t a big enough issue for them.

Years ago,
I was stressing about a project.
It was going horribly.
There were delays, mistakes,
and many other issues.

I brought it up with my boss.
He wasn’t worried.

I explained how these issues
were killing the project.
He didn’t care.
I fumed. I tried to call favors.
He didn’t care.

A couple weeks later,
the project was killed.
My boss knew this.
He simply couldn’t tell me.

If your (normally intelligent) boss
isn’t worried about an issue,
ask yourself why.
Then ask yourself
if YOU worrying is a productive use
of your energies.

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