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We all know that writing down our goals
increases the odds
of realizing our goals.

People who write down their goals
have over an 80% higher success rate
of achieving them.

(The Harvard Goal Setting Study
also showed that graduates
with clear written goals
and plans to achieve them
earned more than twice on average
what their non-goal setting classmates earned.)

So why only write them down once?

What I do
is write down my top goals
EVERY morning.

This does a number of things.
I reconfirm that the goal is important.
I REMEMBER I have made this a goal.
Writing the goal down
on a fresh piece of paper
also reminds me that this is a fresh day,
a fresh start,
and yesterday’s mistakes are in the past.

Write down your goals
at least once.
If you really wish to stay focused,
write them down daily.

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  1. January 4, 2012 @ 12:44 am

    A goal unwritten
    is only a wish.

    Posted by Mike S

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