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One of my buddies had been trying
to quit smoking for a while.
She’d stop and then days or week later,
start again.

Then one day,
her 7 year old daughter came home crying.
She’d learned about smoking and cancer
in school
and was convinced her mommy was about to die.

My buddy quit that day
and she has never picked up
another cigarette.
Whenever she gets the urge,
she remembers those tears streaking down
her daughter’s face
and that urge goes away.

One of my other friends
always dreamed of writing a novel.
She’d write for a bit and then stop,
putting other tasks and other people first.

I finally told her
“By not finding time for your dream,
you’re teaching your children
that their dreams aren’t important.
Is that what you want to do?”

She now has six stories published
and her kids sincerely think
that ANYTHING is possible.

Goals are easier
to achieve
when they have an emotional link.
Find that emotion.

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