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Goals should, of course, be
specific, measurable, attainable,
realistic, and timely.

But how specific is specific?

Top Achievement proposes

“A specific goal has a much greater chance
of being accomplished
than a general goal.
To set a specific goal
you must answer the six “W” questions:

*Who: Who is involved?

*What: What do I want to accomplish?

*Where: Identify a location.

*When: Establish a time frame.

*Which: Identify requirements and constraints.

*Why: Specific reasons, purpose
or benefits of accomplishing the goal.

EXAMPLE: A general goal would be,
“Get in shape.”
But a specific goal would say,
“Join a health club
and workout 3 days a week.””

The more specific a goal is,
the less decisions you need to make,
the easier it is to put it on auto-implement.

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