By k | December 25, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

One of my favorite mentors,
a former V-P I worked with,
would book a meeting with me
at least once a month.

During that half hour meeting,
this very, very busy man
would put aside his phone
and his computer
and hold all calls and interruptions
and focus on me and my career.

Some of the meetings weren’t pleasant.
I fucked up
and he had to set me straight
on how business is played.

But that he thought enough of me
to dedicate that time
meant SO much.
It still does.
I look back and think
“He believed in me.
I have to believe in myself.”

Today may or may not
be a special day for you.
It doesn’t matter.
You can still give this same gift,
the gift of uninterrupted, dedicated time,
to someone you feel is important.

That time could be spent
hearing about a five year old’s dreams
of being a ninja princess.
It could be spent
coaching your store manager
on how to relay your gift return policy.
It could be spent simply being there,
completely there,
for someone.

Give someone you care about
the gift of your uninterrupted time.

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