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In November’s Cineplex Magazine
(yes, I DO take time off
to go to the movies
once or twice a year),
rising actor Henry Caville,
often dubbed
the “Unluckiest Man in Hollywood”
due to the roles he has lost,
talks about his work schedule.

“On Tudors
I had to start training [for Immortals]
even though I had heard nothing
from the producers.
I was getting up at
around four in the morning,
training for two hours
before Tudors started shooting,
shooting a 14-hour day on Tudors,
going to bed
and repeating five days a week.
That was tricky.”

Henry Cavill was working 2 hours a day
on top of a full time job
for the chance, the CHANCE,
he might be given a role.

How many hours a day
are you putting in
to secure your future sales?

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