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In November’s edition
of Cineplex Magazine,
Antonio Banderas addresses
the concept of career.

“I never liked the concept of ‘career’….
Because of your career,
you may say no to projects
that you would love to do,
that are the complete opposite
of what you have done,
but you think,
“What will the audience think
about me if I do this comedy,
this frivolous comedy?
I cannot do that
because of my image, my career.”
I hate that.
In a way, to be coherent
is probably not a good idea for an actor.”

The quickest way to build
a brand
is to be good at one thing
and to do that one thing
over and over again.

It is also the quickest way
to become obsolete
if you never move beyond
that one thing.

There is risk in every route
to success.

Be aware of that risk,
try to manage it,
and make conscious decisions.

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