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We discuss perfection often
here on clientk
thinking things have to be perfect
is one of barriers
to success
for intelligent, hard working people.

The quest for perfection
is also an excuse.

As Seth Godin states

“The quest for technical best
is a form of hiding.
You can hide from the marketplace
because you’re still practicing your technique.
And you can hide from
the hard work of real art
and real connection
because you decide
that success lies in being the best technically,
at getting a 99 instead of a 98 on an exam.”

I’ve seen this
in the writing group I’m leading.
A highly intelligent woman
has been working hard,
polishing a manuscript.
She’s been doing this
for over 10 years
because she’s scared to send it out.

It will never be perfect
because there are no perfect novels.

Great, amazing, good enough
are possible.
Perfect is not.
Every time you use the word ‘perfect’,
substitute it with ‘great’.

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