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When I first started promoting online,
I thought writing general posts or articles
would have the best results.
My thinking was
that general posts appeal to
the general audience
and that audience is pretty damn big.

My thinking was wrong.

Folks don’t look for general information.
They have specific problems
they need specific answers for.

Magazine and newspaper editors know this.
They’re looking for story ideas, not topics.

As Kim Pittaway
in September/October’s CMA Magazines

“Many writers make the mistake
of pitching topics
rather than
focused story ideas.

What’s the difference?

“The HR Department”
is a topic.

“How the HR Department can contribute
to corporate cost-savings”
is a focused story idea.

“Five surprising ways
the HR Department can help companies
save money”
is an even stronger focus
because it promises
fresh content
(”surprising ways”)
a clear reader benefit
(”help companies save money”).”

Pitch story ideas,
not topics.

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