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A buddy sent me an article
because he,
a recruiter,
couldn’t believe someone wrote it
and posted it on a job search site.

There’s a lot of bone-headed advice
floating around
but this article takes the cake

Human Resources expert Sarah Paul
“The fact that she is in a suit
(hopefully a stylish one at that)
speaks to her professionalism, ambition, power.
But taking it one step further
by wearing a skirt and
dressing in an overtly feminine way
elicits personality characteristics
more often demonstrated by women…
support, empathy, sensitivity…
which are all desirable traits of a leader
in today’s workplace.”

Lets take the skirt wearing
out of the equation.
Clientk readers know
how I feel about that.

Have you EVER seen
support, empathy, and sensitivity
(i.e. crying at the drop of a hat)
listed as traits desired
for ANY management position?

I didn’t think so.

It isn’t a big secret
what employers are looking for
in potential employees.
They write out their wants
(in code usually
for example:
flexible schedule = working 24/7)
in their job postings.

Sensitivity is NOT
one of those traits.

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