By k | October 23, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Having been in project management
for a while,
I know if I launch…
a peach-flavored beverage
and this beverage fails,
it will be much more difficult
to launch another peach-flavored beverage.
The previous failure
will be remembered
and used as a reason
to reject the new product.

THAT is why I don’t like
the Occupy Wall Street movement.
There is no plan for change
so the movement will fail,
and it will hinder
more organized future movements.

Robert Kiyosaki
isn’t a big fan of this movement
for similar reasons.

“In the end,
the world isn’t changed
by people who complain.
It’s changed by people who do.

Don’t like the way corporate America
and Wall Street operate?

Be part of changing the way
America does business
by being an entrepreneur
who starts a company
to not only make money
but also make the world a better place…”

Plan before you protest.

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