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I received a few emails yesterday
commenting about how
in some areas of the U.S.,
Spanish is more commonly spoken
than English.

Cultural changes,
as with many changes,
bring great opportunities
for small and growing businesses.

English is the de facto national language
of the United States
(the U.S. does NOT have an official language).
The big companies will all be
marketing/advertising in English.

Not all of them
will be catering to
the unofficial language of
where your company is based.
They won’t have signage/advertising/marketing
or salespeople using this language.

It doesn’t mean
you have to change your product
or how you run your company.

One of my buddies manages a book store.
She ensures at least one saleswoman
on each shift
speaks Mandarin as well as English.
The store doesn’t sell books in Mandarin
but when Mandarin-first-speaking customers
wish to buy English books,
they come to her book store,
knowing they’ll have a saleswoman to assist them.
This competitive advantage
costs the store nothing extra.

Embrace cultural change
and use it to your advantage.

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