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Reader chats are a big part
of promoting romance eBooks.

Some new authors will jump in
right away
with blurbs and buy links
and the hard sell.

That irritates readers
and there’s no need for it.
An experienced chat moderator
will always ask authors
about their latest releases
and for their websites.

As Chris advises on the Problogger blog

“I didn’t simply write
“buy this now to be successful!”
Rather, I took the time to engage
members of these sites in conversation
about similar topics.
Eventually, someone would ask for more information,
or if I had a website.
That’s when I would promote my ebook,
and it worked amazingly well.
All those people who were reading the conversation
but not contributing ended up
buying the ebook,
not just the few involved directly.

This is a life lesson for selling anything online:
don’t try to sell outright.
Instead, focus on answering questions.
If your ebook is the answer,
then you can feel confident
recommending it within the discussion!”

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