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Singer/Songwriter Burton Cummings
shared his thoughts
on Justin Bieber.

“I’ve got nothing against Justin personally
but I don’t think he writes
and when you don’t write your own stuff,
you become a victim sometimes
when the song finding machine runs dry,
and we’ve seen that happen
with Kenny Rogers and even Elvis Presley
to a degree.
As big a star as you are,
if you’re not writing your own stuff,
you’re not controlling your own destiny
and your own future.”

In music,
great songs are key for success.

Coca-Cola considers outsourcing
every step of the process
EXCEPT production of the syrup.
That step is key for their success.

In reporting,
reliable sources of information are key.
That’s why reporters will go to jail
to protect their sources.

Decide upon the key steps
for your business’s success,
and control those steps.

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