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(rock stars, comedians, etc)
have opening acts.
This isn’t an act of generosity.
This is because
a warmed up crowd
is a happier crowd.

I’m an entrepreneur,
not a performer.”

Of course, you’re a performer.
You’re competing with hundreds of others
for your customer’s/employee’s/business partner’s

There are many ways to warm up
the crowd.

For example,
in our monthly writer’s group meetings,
we start with book raffles.
During the raffle,
I call out the number I wish chosen.
It rarely gets chosen,
so I sigh and tease
the raffle organizer and the winners.
By the end of the raffle,
folks are laughing and
calling out their own numbers.

THEN we start the workshop.
The group is excited and talkative
and they ask more questions.

Other leaders start meetings
with a story,
or by sharing customer feedback.

If you want your audience’s attention,
warm them up first.

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