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We’ve all made mistakes.
We all have challenges.

Ryan Blair,
CEO and founder of ViSalus Sciences,
knows this better than anyone.
He is a former gang member
with a criminal record.

talk about challenges.

Yet, he learned some valuable business lessons
while in prison.

One lesson?

“…adaptation is the key to survival.
In jail the guy who rises to power
isn’t always the strongest or the smartest.
As prisoners come and go,
he’s the one that adapts
to the changing environment,
while influencing the right people.

You can use this in business,
staying abreast of market trends,
changing your game plan as technology shifts,
and adapting our strategy around
your company’s strongest competitive advantages.
Darwin was absolutely right
— survival is a matter of how you respond to change.”

Are you adapting to change?
Can you figure out a way
to learn and benefit from your challenges?

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