By k | August 29, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

My dear mom is in her last few months
of working
before retirement.

Her manager,
thinking she no longer
has to keep my mom happy,
is giving her all the crap jobs.

This is normal.
In the last few weeks of a contract,
I get all the crap jobs too.

The thinking is…
the employee (contract or full time)
doesn’t have any choice
but take it.
What is she going to do?

There’s always choice.

My mom has six months worth
of unused sick leave.
When she gets assigned a crap job
she wouldn’t normally do,
she takes that day off.

I, having more freedom
over my tasks,
would put the crap jobs
on my to-do list.
Surprise! Surprise!
I never got around doing them.

Managers have LESS leverage
over leaving employees.
Assign these employees crap jobs,
and there will be repercussions.

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