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Summer time is high season
for fraud detection
in companies.


According to Ernst & Young
it is because the fraudsters
are away from their jobs
on holiday.

“Perpetrators are away
and not able to cover their tracks easily.
Frauds, such as accounts manipulation
that are covered up
in the course of the year
are often spotted
when colleagues take over
and notice something is not quite right.”

And who are these fraudsters?
Is it the high school grad
in the mail room sporting the green mohawk?
Or the cleaning lady?
Or the guy who waters the plants?

“The profile of a typical fraudster
is a long serving, trusted employee,
who works long hours and
is reluctant to take their annual leave.
Without doubt,
one of the most simple and cost-effective
anti-fraud measures
is to ensure employees take
at least two consecutive weeks holiday.”

Vacation time isn’t just an employee perk.
It can also keep company resources safe.

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