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Some of my writing buddies
are taking a graphic design course.
They walked into the course thinking
“How hard can this be?”

It is HARD.
(especially if you want to do a great job)

Eduardo Barrios of Barrios Advertising
talks about how he approaches a project…

“First, look at the message.
What kind of flavor does it have?
Does it have a humorous touch to it?
Is it more introspective and serious?

There are those kinds of sub-levels
of concept and execution
that you can discuss with a designer.

You could even get down into
the nitty-gritty of color and typography
because each color has its own mood.

And the typography
—there’s so many different fonts out there.
A designer will help you limit your universe
because there are some classic font faces
and some font faces now
that can be used on digital format
that are easier to read.
So there are some practicalities in this also.”

Graphic design is like copywriting.
It is far easier to hire a great graphic designer/copywriter
than it is to become one.

Unless you have a genuine interest/skill,
there are more efficient ways
to save a dollar.
Hire a professional.

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