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I can guarantee
you did something this week
you shouldn’t have done yourself.
I know I did.

We, humans, tend to be control freaks,
especially those of us
with entrepreneurial tendencies.
We want to do EVERYTHING,
and it can be one of our biggest barriers
to success.

The hot topic in the writing-world today
is self publishing.
Quite a few of my buddies
are taking graphic design
on top of their writing courses and schedules
so they can design the covers they want.

Okay, first…
these authors shouldn’t be designing the covers THEY want.
They should be designing the covers READERS want.
And in order to do that,
cover artists need to know the market, trends,
and how to achieve that design.

Which leads to the second issue…
As a writer, I have a potential to earn more money
with every additional word I write.
Mastering a complicated skill like cover design
will suck writing time,
a task I can’t easily delegate to anyone else.

In contrast, successful writers
delegate as much as possible.
They have cover artists, editors,
research assistants, marketing folks.
Heck, James Patterson doesn’t even WRITE
his own books any more.

Fight the tendency to do everything yourself.
Get out of your own damn way
and delegate as much as possible!

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