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One of my writing buddies
was dangerously behind on her deadlines.
She was so behind,
she risked leaving the release slot open
(i.e. the publisher would be one release short).

Her editor told her
not to edit or revise.
She was to write,
and send the pages to the editor
to fix.
The editor could revise.
Only my buddy could write
the original draft.

It sounds sloppy and unprofessional
but that is EXACTLY
what great leaders do.
They do what only they can do,
and they delegate the rest.

As Nina Simosko explains

“You will see that
there are some tasks
that only you can complete.
That’s what you should focus on.
That’s what you should prioritize.
And the rest of the things
that you have on your ever-growing list
can be delegated or re-routed to others.

By concentrating on the things
that only you can do,
you not only free-up your thinking
for the important tasks,
you also provide opportunities
for your colleagues and your teams
to demonstrate their abilities.
But more importantly,
this allows you to focus your own leadership
on the act of “doing”.”

Do only what YOU can do.

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