By k | July 23, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I spent most of today
judging entries
in a writing contest.
I had to read the 30 pages,
assign a score,
and give feedback.

It took less than half an hour
to read the pages
and give a score
for each entry.

It took one and a half hours
to give feedback.

Giving good feedback takes time.
It is a delicate balance
between correcting
and coaxing.
The goal is to make the person better
while making them hopeful
for success.
That’s tough.

So when you receive the feedback
you request,
even if it is simply one line
(oh lord, those are the toughest),
even if it is given incorrectly
or harshly
or at the wrong time,
please appreciate the effort.

If the person didn’t care
or didn’t think you had a chance at success,
she would have said no.

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