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Some of my buddies at university
would degree jump
because they changed their minds
about what they wanted to do
with the rest of their lives.
History majors thought
they had to have a business degree
to be in business.

Sure, it helps, but it isn’t a requirement.

What matters most is
you learned.
Learning something relevant to the job
is a bonus.
Did you lead a school project?
(the subject doesn’t matter)
Did you juggle a part-time job
with schooling?
Did you initiate something, anything?
Show you’re a leader and
employers won’t care what you led.

According to Erin Miller,
co-author of a student guidebook,
“Employers are looking for
employees who are intelligent and trainable
- and that’s what a degree says.”

You don’t need the right degree
to get that business job.
You need the right mindset.

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