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With summer here,
many bloggers are posting
about vacations
and about how fewer employees are taking them
(57% of Americans use up all their vacation time,
as per a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll)
and when they do,
they work via internet/phones.
They say this like it is a bad thing.

It can be.
It can also be a good thing.

My grandpa was a farmer.
He never took a vacation.
He didn’t understand why people took vacations
because he loved what he did
and his work was incorporated into his life.

When I was in new product development
for a major beverage manufacturer,
I’d spend a good part of my vacations
at exotic grocery stores,
looking at the beverages available
in other countries.
I loved it,
my hubby loved it,
and we do that on vacation
to this very day.

I recently came back
from a two week cruise
and I wrote every single day.
I loved it.

Yes, our work lives and home lives
are merging.
That’s why it is more important
than ever
to love what you do.

If you’re counting down the days
until vacation,
it is a signal that you’re not doing
the work you are meant to do.

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