By k | June 16, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

My buddy and I
decided together
on a world domination plan.
We’d publish shorter stories
every month,
and promote on
a couple of eBook reseller sites.

We stuck to the plan
for a month.
We were sending stories out.
We were advertising
existing stories.

In that first month,
nothing happened.
Neither of us made
a sale to a publisher.
We didn’t see an increase
in sales of existing stories.

My buddy decided
the plan wasn’t working.
She quit our world domination plan,
and started with a new shiny plan.

I stuck with the plan.
Three months later,
the sales of my existing stories
have jumped up dramatically.
I’ve sold three stories,
and am in negotiations for two more.

My buddy has switched back to my plan,
but she’s now starting from zero.

In this instant result world,
we sometimes forget
that we need to give a plan time to work.
Stick with your plan.

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