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Sometimes we forget
in this cult of me,
realty TV world
that brand building
is about the brand.

Do you know what the CEO of Coca-Cola
looks like?
I don’t.

How many times have you heard
a CEO of Coca-Cola or GM
or any other long lasting brand
talk about themselves?

They talk about the brand first.
And that’s the way it should be.

The company or brand should be
the focus,
not the leader.
Because the brand is bigger than the leader
and a company consists of
more than just one person.

Fred Smith,

founder, chairman, and CEO of FedEx
told Justin Menkes,
author of
Better Under Pressure:

“As a founder,
you must be able to resist
any temptation
to let the organization
become a cult of personality
built around you.
FedEx isn’t about me.
When I walk out the door here,
this organization won’t miss a beat.”

Put the focus on your brand
where it belongs.

(BTW… as an author,
I focus on my characters, and my stories,
because THAT is what
my readers care about
and THAT is what
I’m selling)

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