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I was a very good student
when I applied for
post-secondary schooling,
I applied for all the universities
and all the colleges I was allowed
(without paying extra).
My buddies thought I was crazy.
They only applied to two or three
of their top choices.

My thinking was…
for very little extra effort,
I could keep my options wide open,
so why wouldn’t I?

I now have the option
of going through several publishers
I do.
I have a couple of core publishers
I feed enough stories to keep happy,
and the other stories I spread out.
I learn from each publisher.
I get exposure from each publisher.
And hey, I can.

One of Joe Konrath’s promo tips is
“Diversify and Experiment.
I’ve had as many failures as successes.
Though my ebooks Trapped and Origin
continue to sell hundreds per day,
I’ve got other ebook titles
that only sell a hundred per month.
I have no idea why some sell better than others,
but I’m continuing to explore new genres
and experiment with formats.”

“If your sales are in the gutter,
switch genres.
Get a pen name.
Try something different.
Play with the cover art
and product description.
Switch the category label.
There is no surefire path to success,
but if you want to hit a home run,
you gotta swing at everything.”

BTW… this article is wonderful reading
for those interested
in book promotion pre-eBook
vs post-eBook.

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