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We all know a micromanager.
Some of us ARE micromanagers.
Many of us have worked for one.

How does that feel?

It feels like you’re being used
like the photocopier.
No, worse than the photocopier
because your micromanaging manager
trusts the photocopier
to make a copy of her documents.
She doesn’t trust YOU
to make a copy of anything.

As Executive Guide
Barbara Frankel says,
“One of the consequences
of micromanaging is
people feel they’re being controlled.
They start not being engaged
in their jobs.
They feel their ideas
and knowledge have been dismissed.”

If you are working for a micromanager,
schedule regular, reassuring progress meetings.
If your manager approaches you
between those meetings,
try to gently suggest you talk about it
AT that meeting.

If you ARE a micromanager,
you ain’t got enough to do.
Take on some new projects
until you are forced to
take your nose out of your employee’s business.

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