By k | March 29, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

I’m currently working for a company
with a corporate culture,
endorsed by its leaders,
embracing profanities at the office.

Everything is F-this and F-that
and because everything is accompanied
by a profanity,
folks tune the cussing out.

Which makes crisis situations vastly amusing.

When all hell breaks loose
in other non-cussing environments,
the leader will spew profanities
until ears bleed
and you KNOW you’re in deep shit.
People run.
All other work stops.

In this environment,
the leader spews profanities
until ears bleed,
and no one listens
because he’s always spewing profanities
until ears bleed.
He then makes a weak-ass
‘this is important speech’
which people listen or don’t listen to.
It is amusing and slightly embarrassing.

There are other reasons
why cussing at work isn’t recommended
but losing the ‘oh shit, she’s pissed’ factor
is reason enough for me.

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