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I was watching the 25th Anniversary
performance of Les Miserables
on PBS.
Nick Jonas plays Marius.

I immediately thought
‘oh, he landed that role
because he’s a Jonas Brother’
and I was surprised
that he was marvelous in it.

Then I found out
he has been performing
on Broadway
since the age of 7,
and that he has played other roles
in Les Miserables
and yes, played Marius
in theater-loving London.
He EARNED that spot
in the Anniversary performance.

Recently, I snagged a great promotion opportunity.
My author buddies asked me
how I got so “lucky”,
hinting that it was
because of my relationship
with the site owner.
Sure it was,
but I built that relationship
by providing her with free content
and supporting her projects.

Some opportunities are due to luck
but more opportunities
are due to hard work.

If you want it,
really want it,
you need to work it.

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