By k | March 25, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I grew up with not much material things.
We didn’t eat every day.
We didn’t have indoor plumbing.

I did some really shitty jobs
and you can take that literally.
I’ve cleaned up more feces
than a gal should even know exists.

So when things go wrong,
I KNOW I will survive.
I’m not scared to lose everything
as I’ve been there
and come back from it.
The lack of fear
and the knowledge that I will survive
makes me a better business gal.

As Pete Luckett,
founder of Frootique stores,
“You’ve gotta go through hardship
to be able to survive.
It may be tough at the time,
but it builds character
and helps you get through
the next challenge you face.”

Don’t fuss too much about hardships.
You’ll survive them
and when you do,
you’ll never be scared
of that possibility again.

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