By k | February 27, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

Submitting a short story
for an anthology
isn’t about the (rather small) royalty check.
It is about getting your foot in the door
with that publisher.

We do this all the time
in business.
We partner up with prospective clients
on small, revenue-eating projects,
hoping to build relationships
for future sales.

The thing is…
getting the foot in the door
makes NO sense
if you’re not interested
in going through that open door.

If you have a story in an anthology,
pitch a full length novel
to the same publisher.

If you are cross-promoting
with another company,
look at what project
you’ll work with them next.

If you take that entry-level job
with your dream company,
consider your next move
within the company.

Don’t simply stand there
with your foot in the door.
That’s a recipe for pain
plus it blocks others.

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