By k | February 26, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Romance is a very large genre,
yet the pool of productive romance writers
numbers only in the low thousands.
(if that high)
In my few years of writing,
I must have met most of these writers
and as I continue with my career,
I’ll likely work with all of them.

My opinion on the ‘ism’s
(sexism, racism, whateverism)
is that applying that requirement
to whom I will work with
restricts an already small pool of doers.
It makes the difficult rise to success
even more challenging.

There’s a reason why
many people see
Charlie Sheen’s and Mel Gibson’s
‘ism based rants
as a sign of mental instability.

It is because sane successful people
tend to look at success first,
and other factors after.

Consider whether you value your ‘ism
enough to hamper your success.

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