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Recent research from
the UK charity Business in the Community
states that
8 out of 10 female managers
and half of male managers
believe that balancing work and family
is the biggest barrier to advancement
for women.

The second highest rated reason
is lack of senior or visibly successful role models.
In other words,
if there aren’t already women executives
in the companies women work for,
they are unlikely to become executives.

I’ve known female friends
who have reached executive status
in male centric organizations.

They, unfortunately, did NOT rise
through the ranks.
(I’ve had friends attempt that route
and they were all frustratingly unsuccessful)

They went to a female-friendly organization,
built their skills there,
until they reached executive status.
They THEN did a lateral career move
into the male centric organizations.

It is easier to break the glass ceiling
when you are in a position of power.
Build your power base
before you change the world.

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