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I read that a band was outraged
because an online reseller listed the coming soon date
for their new album
before the band had the opportunity
to formally announce they were releasing an album.
Where did the online reseller get this information?
From the band’s label.

The folks at Wikileaks
are still in hot water
for releasing information
sources came to THEM to distribute.

Here’s the thing, dumb asses…
if you want to keep information secret,
DON’T tell anyone.

When we worked on new product launches,
we would give them silly names
so outsiders
(i.e. anyone not on the product launch team)
wouldn’t know what we were talking about.
We didn’t tell customer service or send press releases.
We only told people
who absolutely HAD to know
and those people we trusted not to yap.
When we went to our resellers
with the product launch,
we assumed our competitors
were receiving a copy of our presentations
(and often they did).
At that point, it was public information.

WE bore responsibility
for any secret information revealed too soon
because it was OUR fault.

If you want to keep information secret,
keep the information to yourself.

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