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The writing world
is brutally hard on self confidence
but, as all salespeople know,
you can’t sell without confidence
so what’s a writer to do?

She sets up a venue for
a guaranteed yes.

When I started writing,
that venue was blogging.
I knew that I could send a post
on business or travel
to a blogger,
and she’d think it was the greatest post ever written
(or at least say so,
’cause she was getting the content for free)
and it would be a guaranteed ‘yes, I’ll publish it.’

Currently, my guaranteed yes
is a publisher I’ve been working with
over the past year.
I know what stories they want.
I have the skills to write them.
I send them a story a month
and it is basically
a guaranteed yes
(with editing, of course,
all writers need to be edited).

This guaranteed yes
gives me the self confidence
to pitch other projects
to other publishers.

Can you set up
a guaranteed yes?

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