By k | January 30, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

One of my most successful stories
features a rabbit shapeshifter
(a woman who can turn into a rabbit).

Because it did very well,
I know of at least a dozen writers
who are writing stories
featuring bunny shifters.

My product is being copied.
Am I worried?
Yes but not for me.
I’m worried for the other writers.

Because the story wasn’t a success
simply because the heroine was a bunny shifter.

It was successful because
it had a policeman hero,
it had fantasy policeman scenarios,
it was as funny as hell,
it was book two of a very successful series,
it had a great title,
it had a great cover,
vampires die,
it had a LOT of sex in it,
it had the ‘unusual’ bunny shifter heroine.

That’s the danger with copying a successful product.
You have to dig deep
and spend time to uncover
WHY it was successful.

Don’t copy products blindly,
expecting to copy their success.

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