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One of my publishers
is run mostly on volunteers.
The publisher does the core work,
and authors volunteer to do the extra tasks.
I knew that when I submitted my first story there.
I knew what that meant.

If I wanted to be with that publisher long term,
I’d have to volunteer for a task.
Not only volunteer,
but lead
because leading is what leaders do.

I’m a busy gal.
I don’t have much extra time
so instead of waiting to be volunteered for something,
I looked at the projects,
deciding upon one that will be long lasting
but won’t take much time,
and I offered to lead that project.

All clientk readers
are either leaders
or leaders-of-the-future.
If you are part of an organization,
you will have a leadership role
in some way.
That is going to happen.

Don’t fight it.
Work with it.

Be proactive
and ask for the position you want.

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