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I grew up on a farm.
On a farm,
everyone works.
You start working at birth,
and you ‘retire’ at death.
Farming tends to be a family business
because that is what the kids know.

This is much the same
in an entrepreneurial family.
Trump’s kids have been in real estate
since birth.
He has included them
in the family business.
It is what they know.

My ten year old niece
shows a leaning towards business building.
I’m setting up a blog,
making it easy for her to post to,
slapping Adsense on it
so she makes some money.
I’ll nurture it for a couple of years
until she gets into the habit of posting
but I suspect by the time she’s 12,
it will be her baby.

It’ll cost less than $100
to set her up with her own business.
She might fail.
She might succeed.
But the key thing is…
I’ve encouraged her
and I’ve given her something that is hers.

Do your kids have their own business?
If not, why?

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