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One of the complaints
I often hear
from entrepreneurs
and authors
and other people accomplishing great things
is that their loved ones
don’t understand when something special happens.
They don’t celebrate the wins
that WE feel are important.

When I made my first sale as a writer,
I told a loved one.
She said ‘that’s nice’
and changed the topic.


a) I hadn’t made an effort
to celebrate her special days
b) I hadn’t made it clear
that THIS was a special day for me.

Today may or may not be
a special day for you,
but odds are,
it is a special day for someone
you know and care about.

Be there for them.
Tell them
“this is a special day for you
and I want to help you celebrate it.”

Then when,
in the future,
you tell these same loved ones
“I made a big sale today.
It is a special day.
I’d like you to celebrate it with me.”
they will be more likely to show up
and share your joy.

Celebrate other people’s special days.
Success is not as much fun
when celebrated alone.

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