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You have a shiny new product
you wish to sell.
You know why everyone should want this product.
You have the benefits
and testimonials ready.

Then you pitch
and the prospect says no.

Are you prepared?

I wasn’t
when I started selling.
I always assumed a ‘yes’
and I didn’t know what to do with a ‘no.’
Since most sales start with a ‘no’,
I lost out on a lot of sales.

Tory Johnson, founder of Women for Hire,
went through the same experience.

“When I’d worked for the networks,
I was used to pitching celebrities,
and everyone wanted to be involved
—people always said yes.
Hearing no was a challenge.
That is a really important lesson
for aspiring and current business owners.
Not everybody will say yes.
I had to have responses ready
for the objections.
We spend a lot of time
thinking and talking about
why someone should buy a product or service,
and when they say no,
we’re like a deer in headlights.
It was valuable experience
to understand how to overcome objections.”

Prepare for objections
and learn how to handle ‘no.’

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