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Bob Burg has a great post
(especially for today)
on dealing with difficult people.

His advice?
Act like you like them.

“So, take action
—take positive action
—practice feeling good about a difficult person
you know by acting good,
acting benevolently,
acting joyously toward that difficult person.
Yes, at first it is an act.
And, that’s OK.
You are acting your way into feeling,
into actually liking that person.
Perfectly acceptable.
Then, when the person picks up on your action
and feeling and relates more kindly
and benevolently toward you in return,
your good feelings really will be true.”

On Monday, I posted on Facebook
that Monday was going to be a great day.
I immediately saw the postings
of my buddies change.
They became more upbeat and happy.

I think this is the easiest way
to change the world.
Smile, encourage, be optimistic.
Watch the happiness and hope spread.

And yes, it is good for business too.

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