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The average day is broken down
into three 8 hour sections.

One section is for,
what writers call,
the evil day job.
This is the time you earn money to live on.

A second section is for sleep.
Many of us sleep less than 8 hours
but that is what is recommended.

The third eight hour section is ‘everything else.’
This ‘everything else’ is what
separates the women from the girls.
Women use it wisely.
Girls squander it.

Do you have to work, work, work
during every minute
of the ‘everything else’ section?


Robert Pagliarini,
author of The Other 8 Hours,
“I’m not saying,
‘Be a robot
and use every minute of every day.’
If we just fill up part of that free time
with activities that bring us
closer to our goals,
we start to bridge those gaps.
For example,
if you write just one page a day,
at the end of the year you’ll have a book.
I’ve interviewed a lot of people
who changed just a sliver of their day,
and the payoffs have been huge.”

Use the other 8 hours wisely.

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