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Recently I was party
to a conversation
with moms about kids cussing.
The consensus was
that kids were cussing more
and that was due to television.

Right and wrong.

A study by

Timothy Jay,
a psychology professor
at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts,
shows that children are cussing more
at a younger age.
“We find their swearing really takes off
between three and four.”

However, the reason
for the increase in profanities
is because
ADULTS (i.e. their parents)
are using profanities more.

When I relayed these results
to a potty-mouthed friend
with a potty-mouthed daughter,
I was told that the research was wrong
and he didn’t know what he was talking about.

You see,
it is much easier to blame someone else
(in this case, television)
than to take responsibility.
That’s human nature.
That also prevents success.
Successful people take responsibility.

Are you passing the buck
when it should stop with you?

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