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A publisher had an unexpected gap
in their publishing schedule.
That happens at even the biggest publishers.
Authors get ill.
Editors win the lottery.
Gaps happen.

Many times publishers
will bump up books
or send an urgent call out
for clean submissions
or… gasp… ship with an empty slot.

This publisher sent an urgent call out.
An author friend of mine,
knew this was a great opp
for a fellow author.
She sent a brief but professional mass email
to an intimate 44 member author loop,
relying that this publisher was in desperate need
of submissions.

Desperate, perhaps, wasn’t the best word
as the rumors immediately started
that the publisher was in financial trouble.
Why else would they need
to spam the world for submissions?

There are times to use mass email
and there are times to use private email.
If you wish the message
to be viewed as exclusive, or special
or, in this case, an opportunity not to be missed,
take the time
and send the message privately.

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